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QHSE-Management System

Spectra is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001 for quality, operational health & safety and environmental protection. This certification process was initially secured and periodically renewed by an accredited third party auditing Spectra’s compliance with the terms of the QHSE Integrated Management System (IMS).

As a QHSE conscious organization, Spectra shall:

  • Comply with applicable QHSE laws and regulations
  • Set internal standards and requirements, as needed.
  • Apply practices and control technologies that minimize pollution to the extent possible.
  • As appropriate, take corrective action where past practices have harmed the environment.
  • Ensure prompt actions taken to the situations endangering employees, customers, the general public, and the environment as a result of our activities.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in our activities to prevent pollution of air, land and water.

Spectra is committed to seek improvement in quality, health, safety and environment with best contemporary practice, meaning the use of best available and proven technology and technique, appropriate to the operation and the situation, taking into account economic and environmental factors. Within the context of Drilling Operations, this means using the best available and most suitable methods of program design and implementation and includes active and ongoing assessment. It is particularly important that the needs and issues of both the employees, the clients, the operation and the local community are identified and assessed at the initial stages of Drilling Operations and monitored throughout the Drilling Operations and Process.

All Spectra employees are committed to acknowledge their responsibility for all QHSE issues and to comply with Spectra’s policy and QHSE regulations. Spectra assume priority for the training of its employees in QHSE issues and regulations and assume the improvement of the level and standards of both the company and its employees as an integral part of Spectra’s QHSE policy and regulations.

Spectra’s assigned staff will be responsible for ensuring the compliance with the QHSE provisions and regulations. These assigned staff will keep Spectra’s QHSE representative / manager informed on all QHSE and related matters. Spectra’s quality and safety policies & procedures are enforced on all projects and implemented as a matter of routine. However, if other parties have additional requirements, they are normally integrated into the project’s procedures and implemented accordingly.

Our Quality Management System includes full process maps of project execution from start to end defining the controls and Performa to be used to ensure each step and activity from project initiation to project close-out is carried out in a well defined, coordinated, documented and controlled manner. Our project life cycle steps are defined and there are recording and verification activities associated with each of the activity.

The QHSE reports will cover:

  • Incidents, Accidents, and Problems: All accidents involving personal injury and/or environment damage will be reported within 24 hours. Any incidents, anticipated problems or other adverse activities that may be prejudicial to the interests or regulations of Spectra shall also be reported.
  • Community and Social Issues: Any activities that may have a positive or negative effect on Spectra activities will be reported.
  • Decommissioning and Site Closure: Measures taken when abandoning and leaving sites, including rehabilitation, and comments on their success, or otherwise, will be reported. When necessary, pursuant to existing contracts and their terms agreed upon, Spectra’s QHSE representative will inspect the site with clients QHSE representative and subject to bilateral satisfaction will countersign a clearance certificate provided by the client.

Spectra believes that, every employee working for Spectra or working in cooperation with Spectra and every visitor to work sites, has the right to expect to complete their work or visit without injury or / illness caused by events or conditions at Spectra’s work sites. Therefore; Spectra assumes, and during its operations; priority tasks for;

  • Preventing or minimizing work related injuries and health impairment of its employees, as well as client’s staff involved in contractual relations.
  • Contribution to addressing priority community health issues, in compliance with all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements of Government Authorities and Spectra’s QHSE regulations and endeavors to manage its activities in a way that is generally acceptable to its clients and local communities.

Spectra shall, at all times, ensure that its employees and Clients are informed of the H/S rules, regulations and practices and any specific site safety arrangement before the commencement of such sites. Spectra assumes full responsibility for provision of legal “employee’s insurance cover” for the period of their employment. Other insurance coverage will be subject to contractual requirements. Spectra is committed to working in a safe manner and each employee acknowledges his/her responsibility for the safety of their work, work site, colleagues and the environment and to work in compliance with Spectra’s Health and Safety regulations.

Safety performances of employees during their work are recorded to be a base for disciplinary practices by Spectra. Such records cover; hours/days worked without incidents and safety suggestions put forwards and successfully implemented whereas all employees are always encouraged for such suggestions and comments.

In addition to statutory obligations to report occurrences and accidents to appropriate authorities, all accidents will be reported to Spectra management with respect to the line of assignments according to responsibility, duties and position.

All accidents involving personal injury and/or environment damage shall be reported within 24 hours.

All tasks falling out of the scope of this document are subject to a visual risk assessment by the staff assigned for such duty. The drillers are responsible for risk assessment at drill sites unless otherwise assigned. The risk assessments will highlight any potential hazards involved in the task of work to be complied and implemented. At all times, the work/site and the environment will be kept free and clear from pollution, spills, garbage and wastes. Chemical spills will be avoided by preventative measures where possible and cleaned by appropriate procedures. Tools and equipment will be kept neat and tidy and out of the site when not in use. Maximum attention will be paid to keep the nature and environment clean and undisturbed.

All Spectra employees will be instructed for the reason for, and correct use of, PPE. All employees are required to use these PPE at all times at work drill sites.

No Clients’ Representative or staff or visitors without the required PPE shall be allowed to the site beyond the taped off area.

PPE at site will be inspected on a regular schedule and replaced if damaged or ineffective. Spectra, at all times, assume the safety of all work sites. Within this policy, all drill sites will be ensured to be safe and secure. Drill sites will be demarcated and taped off and relevant warning signs will be placed. Overhead and underground power lines and other utilities, as well as ground conditions, will be noted and acted upon. Drill rigs will not be erected within 30 meters of overhead power lines and this distance will be increased for high voltage lines.

Rigs will not move when masts are erected. All pneumatic and hydraulic pressure hoses and fittings will be in good condition and will be secured by effective couplings. All guy ropes and cables, couplings and lifting gear will be in good condition with no fraying, splaying or damage. Appropriate measures will be taken to minimize the hazards relating to working at or around the drill sites. Such hazards include slippery under-foot conditions, loose clothing which may be caught by revolving machinery, accidental drop of tools, heavy equipment, core, etc.

Access to drill sites will only be allowed for authorized persons. Spectra’s personnel other than those assigned to the site, Client’s personnel other than the Client Representative and all beneficiary visitors should have prior approvals for entry and must be inducted before entry.

Spectra, as the Company Policy for Environmental Management, assumes full responsibility for :

a) Conservation of natural / environmental resources,
b) Preventing or minimizing adverse impacts arising from Spectra’s operations,
c) Demonstrating active protection of land and biodiversity,
d) Promoting good relationship with, and enhance capacities of, local communities,
e) Respecting the culture and heritage, and all its employees acknowledge the provisions and practices stated in this document as a regulation and commitment to this purpose.

Spectra, and its staff, will comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation and associated regulations that may apply to its operations and will ensure that Spectra employees are familiar with all relevant legislation and regulations. In operations where ground disturbing activity is necessary, Spectra will ensure that legislative permissions are received before commencement of such activity and approval of the client is obtained, where and when such approval is necessary pursuant to contractual terms.

Prior to commencement of operations, all measures to prevent or minimize the direct or indirect environmental impacts, which may harm the vegetation in the operation site, will be taken and these measures will be implemented during the operations.

All staff, working in field operations, will ensure that the measures are taken to prevent passage of vehicles or machinery over surfaces which are being, or have been, rehabilitated.

Spectra employees will ensure that they are aware of the need to avoid will full destruction of wildlife habitats or fauna. At the completion and abandon of drill sites, it will be ensured that all pits and sumps are filled or otherwise made secure for humans and animals. No pets will be allowed in the demarcated area at drill sites.

All operations sites and the environment will be kept clean and free from garbage and all waste materials. Appropriate measures will be taken to prevent spillage of fuels and lubricants or other chemicals used during drill operations.

Good housekeeping will always be maintained during operations with due regard be paid to tidiness and disposal of wastes, scrap material, access ways and emergency exits being clear. Sufficient waste bins are provided at operation sites.

At work sites, it will be ensured that all appropriate measures are taken to prevent any outbreak and spread of fires. No open fires will be used in the site.

To the extent of availabilities and explicabilities, all additives and drill mud used will be non-toxic, non-contaminant and biodegradable. Unless it is required for solutions of specific drilling problems faced during operations, no water soluble hydrocarbons, oils, greases, fuel oil or other mineral based lubricants will be used as a part of drill fluids of mud. In case such material is necessitated by conditions, they will be only used after getting written approval of the Client and relevant authority. No additives, which may be a threat to health and/or safety or the environment, will be used without prior measures are taken.


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